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Environmental Education at the Mohican Outdoor School and Environmental Education Learning Center is Ohio's premiere outdoor education experience.  MOS champions environmental stewardship and is committed to providing a unique understanding of the interrelatedness of the natural environment emphasizing cooperative learning in a community-centered setting.


Day Camp

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Eco Friendly Facilities


Green Architecture

With the help of some very generous individual donors, organizations, schools, and foundations from several counties, Mohican Outdoor School purchased 210 acres in Richland County, Ohio, to develop a site for outdoor education and environmental learning (also please see more information on Hemlock Falls property). Our facility has been designed to complement the program and curriculum -- a place where people of all ages can come, learn about the natural environment, and evaluate ways to live lightly on the land.

The site has buildings designed with programming in mind, rather than adjusting the program to meet the limitations of the buildings. It is open year-round, and adults as well a children are able to participate in a variety of programs. The site allows Mohican School to manage creative approaches to nutritional food and to be environmentally innovative. Plans call for investigating the use of geothermal heating, self-composting toilets, solar heat, organic gardening, a dining room greenhouse, composting and recycling, to name a few. We are on the cutting edge of what's happening in outdoor education in the United States!

All facilities are working models of sustainable architecture with earth-friendly components and energy and resource conservation. Buildings are creations of spaces which provide comfort while delightfully engaging the imaginations of children.

Control the following elements:
  • R60 roofs/ R44 walls
  • Geothermal cooling / heating
  • Recycled newspaper roofing panels
  • Self composting toilets
  • Alt. wood heat


More than chasing fireflies


Environmental Stewardship

Mission Statement: Mohican Outdoor School teaches people to live in harmony with the environment, themselves and others.

  • Environmental Studies
  • Outdoor Skills
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Community


People Are Talking!

Here are just some of the nice things people are saying about the Mohican Outdoor School and Environmental Learning Center.  Click the email icon above if you wish to tell us about your experiences at Mohican!

"My six-year old daughter and I attended the HOOT, Homeschool Opportunity for Outdoor Training, in April.  It was so well-put together and organized.  The staff were so knowledgable and friendly.  They covered so many things in just three days!  I was amazed how they tied in things that she was learning at home like Ohio History, mammals, amphibians, reptiles (with hands-on learning) to things like outdoor survival, making a solar oven and learning about natural energy.  Oh what a great day!  We had fun learning and I learned so much too!"
-M.B (Homeschooling Parent)

"I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful visit we had at your camp (school).  The boys and the families had such a good time that they are asking when we can come back.  The cabin was beautiful as was the trails and waterfall.  It was our BEST winter campout ever!"
-J.B (Cub Scout Leader)

I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for a great week at Mos.  My students and i have so many good memories.  mos has a fine teaching team and i am so impressed with their leadership and knowledge.
-M.R. (Elementary School Teacher)

I just wanted to take a moment to comment on how Mohican Outdoor School affected the lives of the students at (name witheld ) School.  Your teachers' kind words and encouragement allowed students who are not academically at the top to succeed and have a sense of worth in their lives.  "You are the first person to find a dragonfly nymph"- this comment made a young man beam with pride. "I bet you are a scout"-a very quiet young man who never volunteers knowledge in the regular classroom shined.  "I like how you backed up your prediction with a reason" or "I don't care if your answer is right or wrong as long as you can explain your reasoning"- young ladies and men began taking risks in their answers; not caring what others thought of their answers.  Guess what I ate in botany class?!?-the excitement in the students voices brought tears to my eyes. I believe all of your staff is awesome.  The depth of knowledge that the students recieved and retained was amazing.  Most of our studnets will never experience anything like this again in their lives.  Each year I witness more students who do not experience the simplest things in life due to their home and/or economic situation.  The folks that work and volunteer at Mohican Outdoor School are truly a blessing to our students.  Thank you for all you do!
-T.S. (4th Grade English Teacher)

Thank YOU!!!  I can't say enough how much my boys enjoy coming out there every summer.  Your program is one of the things that my kids talk about all year long and look forward to when they get to go again!!
-C.P. (Mother of Two Boys Attending MOS Day Camp)


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